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Republican Candidate for State Treasurer


Experienced. Prepared. Dedicated.


Meet Harry

Harry is the endorsed Republican candidate for Connecticut State Treasurer.

Experienced: 25 years of experience in finance and investing with proven leadership in the state legislature as the ranking member of the labor committee. Learn more about Harry's experience.


MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

MBA, University of Texas, Austin

Bachelors of Engineering, Delhi University

Dedicated: Left successful career in investment management five years ago to serve the public interest - not a career politician.

Harry's Plan to Fix Connecticut's Finances

Reduce Excessive Debt

 Reduce our debt and interest expense, allowing the state to reduce taxes and invest more.

Reform State Unclaimed Property Program

The process to return $1B+ unclaimed property to our residents needs to be quicker and easier.

Increased Due Diligence

Increase due diligence on our debt issuances and bonding program to reduce waste.

Improve and Protect our Pension Returns

Increase returns on our state pension by improving asset allocation and reducing fees.

Promote Policies to Reduce Inflation

Ensure we focus on policies that mitigate inflationary pressures by stopping excessive spending.

Promote Financial Literacy

Provide information, education, and tools to help CT residents improve their financial health.

Join Harry

I would like to:
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