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Connecticut's Unclaimed Property Program

Many CT residents are unaware that the CT Treasurer's office runs a Lost and Found known as the "Unclaimed Property Program." There is a good chance that you may find some money in this Lost & Found with a quick online search.


Click below to search - the state's official site for unclaimed property:



Is the a state website?

This is the question I get most from residents - the answer is YES! Although the web address does not end in .gov, this website is an official state site managed by the Office of the State Treasurer.


How can your money end up as unclaimed property?

When an individual or a business moves, their check/refund from a utility, retailer, bank, or insurance company is returned and stays uncashed. It is a state law that the retailer or private entity must deposit the funds with the State Treasurer within 90 days after each calendar year. Each year the state receives about $100 Million in unclaimed property or "Lost and Found." Most of it is never claimed and stays with the state. 

How can you find and reclaim your unclaimed property?

As a result of citizen advocacy, you can now search Connecticut's unclaimed property list by clicking HERE. Search your name/business name in the list, and it will show up if you have any unclaimed property. Once you find money owed to you, you can apply online to reclaim your property.


How will I improve the unclaimed property program?

While searching for your unclaimed property is easy, the processing time to reclaim it is long. I have heard from residents that it can take anywhere from a month to 12 months to get their property back. As your next State Treasurer, I will make sure all reclaims are processed and checks sent in a timely manner.

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