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Leadership Experience

Founded and led a successful investment management business for almost 20  years.

  • Strategic thinker with a proven record of achieving goals

  • Experience building high-performance collaborative teams

  • Leverage data science and technology for effective decision making

It's time Connecticut has a Treasurer that can lead not just follow the same script.


Finance Experience

Harry has extensive experience in portfolio management and investment analysis

  • Proven risk manager with excellent track record

  • Strong background in macro-economics and financial theory

  • ​Experience selecting third-party portfolio managers. ​

  • Fixed income experience, in managing duration and credit risk

It's time Connecticut has a Treasurer that actually has experience in the role they are elected for: managing our pensions and debt 

Financial Data
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Political and Legislative Experience

Harry is currently the State Representative for the 151st District and Ranking Member of Labor committee.

  • Experience with the legislative process

  • Experience collaborating with various CT agencies

  • Experience of working across party lines and building consensus​​

It's time Connecticut elects a Treasurer that can get things done.

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