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About Harry

Harry is running for Connecticut State Treasurer to bring leadership and experience to Hartford. He has over 25 years of experience in investment management and running a successful business in Greenwich. Five years ago, Harry pivoted to public service to give back to his community.  As state rep for Connecticut's 151st district, he has fought tirelessly for his constituents. 

Harry and his wife Nisha are raising their three kids in Greenwich. Harry came to the United States from India as a graduate student 27 years ago and naturalized as an American citizen in 2004. Harry truly represents the American dream.


Leadership Experience: Founded and led a successful investment management business for almost two decades. Strategic thinker with proven record of achievement.

Finance Experience: 25 years of experience in portfolio management. Proven risk manager with a track record of outperformance. Strong understanding of macro trends and fixed income.


Government and Legislative Experience: State representative for Connecticut's 151st District and Ranking Member of Labor Committee. Experienced with the legislative process. 

2017-12-12 Arora, Harry5170.jpg
Image by Somesh Kesarla Suresh


Policy and Legislative: Masters in Policy Administration (MPA) from Harvard Kennedy School

FinanceMasters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Texas, Austin

Technology: Bachelors of Engineering from Delhi University.


Left private sector career to pursue public service: Five years ago, Harry left a successful career in investment management to run for office. He is not a career politician. His faith motivates him to serve as a politician.


Focused on serving: Listening to and helping constituents define Harry’s public service. He communicates effectively with constituents through his emails and social media and serves with his heart and mind.


Persistent: Driven to solving public problems for his constituents. He is persistent and does not give up.

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